Sewing paper & Cork fabric

Fashionably and environmentally friendly! Sewing paper, vegan leather, cork fabric. Textile production from modern and natural materials.

Sewing paper

Washpapa [washable kraft paper] is an innovative paper impregnated with latex, which can be washed and sewn. It is durable and flexible. Does not deform in water, does not discolor. It looks like leather – hence its common name – vegan leather. It is an excellent alternative to materials of animal origin and artificial leather. Accessories made of this material look modern, natural and ecological.

Cork fabric – textile production

Cork fabric has amazing properties – velvety, soft and warm to the touch, it is inherently waterproof (cork does not absorb water). This means that there is no need to use impregnants. Additionally, it is exceptionally light and flexible. This extremely durable material is also 100% vegan and friendly to animals and the environment!

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