Screen printing is a commonly used method of printing. Its wide application is not limited to clothing only. It is characterized by very high durability and the possibility of obtaining interesting and custom effects.

Screen printing highlights

  • economically attractive
  • universal
  • possibility of using the full color database
  • ideal for printing large flat surfaces
  • silkscreen prints are resistant to UV radiation, moisture, mechanical damage and washing.
  • give a possibility of obtaining special effects, e.g. relief printing, brocade, gilding, suede effect, water effect, orange peel, fluorescent or luminescent printing.
  • paints and solvents used for silkscreen do not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals what means those are safe for children and babies

Silkscreen prints can be done on

  • textiles
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • transparencies
  • plastics
  • leather

Interesting fact: Screen printing is the oldest and most common printing method. As early as the 17th century, the Japanese decorated their kimonos in this way.