Sublimation is the best printing method for 100% polyester fabrics or textiles with at least 65% of polyester. The ability to print absolutely any pattern and the high precision of the method makes it ideal for use on advertising products like lanyards or any all-over printed garments and textile gadgets

Sublimation is the best way to create complex, detailed and multi-colored prints on polyesters. To achieve a satisfactory effect, printed fabric must be light (white, cream, light gray).

Sublimation printing highlights

  • very high durability
  • the print is well-breathable, which ensures comfort of use (clothing ideal for athletes)
  • the possibility of obtaining prints in photographic quality
  • the print gives no additional structure on the material
  • no preparation costs
  • the print is resistant to washing, abrasion or weather conditions
  • the project can be made of one piece

Sublimation prints can be done on

  • light polyester textiles (not possible on cotton fabrics)
  • ceramics
  • wood
  • metal

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