Laser Engraver

Engraving is a durable, precise and effective technique for marking for various objects, also such as advertising gadgets. This method allows to replicate even the smallest details so the result always gains elegance.

Laser engraving involves burning a thin layer of the surface of the engraved object with a CO2 or YAG laser. It results with very durable and a precise pattern and those features are highly desirable when marking e.g. gadgets.

Project is based on vectorized artwork in formats like .cdr, .eps, .ai

Laser Engraver highlights

  • abrasion resistant
  • quick marking proces
  • it does not generate preparation costs, so it is economically attractive even at low quantities
  • precise marking increases the aesthetic value of the product
  • works on various also difficult and hard surfaces

Laser Engraver is possible on

  • metals: anodized aluminum, anodized steel, varnished metals etc.
  • non-metals: acrylic, cork, fabrics, sponge, glass, leather, laminates, bamboo, cardboard, ceramics, rubber, marble, plastic, silicone, glaze, wood, stone, etc.

The color of the engraving depends on the material from which the marked object is made of, and may vary in subsequent batches of the same product.

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