UV printing

UV printing is an innovative marking method that works great on flat surface advertising gadgets.

UV printing consists in spraying ink drops on the printed surface, and then hardeness the print with UV radiation. UV print is strong and durable, and the process itself is fast and do not require any preparation. The printout retains photographic quality for a long time. UV printing is suitable for both small and larger surfaces. It also handles objects with uneven contours.

UV Printing highlights

  • photographic quality
  • possibility of using the full color database
  • personalization of the print
  • ideal for printing on large and small surfaces
  • high resistance to mechanical damage, moisture and sun rays
  • the possibility of obtaining high resolution on various materials
  • no preparation costs
  • fast production process

UV printing is possible on

  • wood
  • plastics (PVC, PP, PET, PE)
  • varnished metals

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