DTG Print

Digital DTG printing is one of the most modern methods of clothing marking. It is perfect for printing multi-colored photos and captures even small design elements with extreme precision and accuracy.

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DTG printing is a method that uses special printers to transfer the design directly to the fabric surface. Thanks to this, we obtain a photographic quality of the print. This technique of clothing marking is mainly used for printing on cotton fabrics or with a small admixture of polyester.

DTG highlights

  • perfect for demmanding projects with lots of small details.
  • photographic quality
  • allows a large print area
  • no preparation costs
  • ideal for low-quantity projects, gives
  • the ability to personalize clothing

DTG is possible on

  • cotton fabrics or with a small admixture of polyester
  • T-shirts, polos, tops, sweatshirts, bags
  • on the front or back of the shirt as well as on the sleeves

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