Pad printing

Pad printing is a perfect printing technique, thanks to which the obtained pattern is clear and ideally reproduces the details of the design. Our Padprinting machines have an ability to print from 1 to 4 colors what allows to perform simple single-color prints as well as CMYK photos.

There is no better way to decorate small advertising gadgets than pad printing. Flexible punches (tampons) easily adapt to both concave and convex surfaces of even the most complex object ensuring precise printing.

Pad Printing highlights

  • economically attractive
  • high speed of printing
  • high durability and
  • versatility of applications
  • high precision of printing
  • possibility of printing on various shapes
  • works on very difficult surfaces
  • huge possibilities in labeling both small and large quantities of products

Pad Printing may be applied to

  • plastics
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • metal
  • wood
  • polyurethane foam (anti-stress gadgets)
  • rubber objects
  • leather objects

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