Printed masks

In order to meet the current situation and the expectations of our customers, we introduce 3 versions of protection masks to our offer. Our masks ensure easy breathing and they are made of skin-friendly fabrics.

They provide face protection against dust and germs what makes them suitable for travel, sport, trips, cycling, at home, hospital and other places. Comfortable elastic bands ensure a stable adhesion of the mask to the face. Take care of your health with ours everyday-use masks.

Disposable mask

The mask was made of 3 layers of nonwoven fabric, thanks to which it has a high filtration capabilities.

Reusable cotton mask

Fabric used for the production of our cotton masks is Oeko-tex certified – ensuring safety skin contact. The mask can be washed and used repeatedly.

Reusable polyester mask with sublimation print

Made of certified sublimation printed polyester fabric – the print does not affect the properties of the mask. The mask can be washed and used repeatedly.

Masks do not provide 100% protection against all the small particles in the air, but they significantly increase safety – both yours and people around you. They minimize the risk of infection and limit the spread of viruses. It is important to always put the mask on with clean hands. If you use a reusable mask, remember to wash it regularly.

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